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Bourbon Barrel Aged Coffee

Bourbon Barrel Aged Coffee



Treat yourself and or a special someone to 10 oz's of Columbia SC finest Bourbon Barrel Aged Whole Bean Coffee. Thoughtfully packaged in a Wax dipped and Sealed Reusable Amber Glass Jar, it's sure to leave a lasting impression with dinner guests or make a Great gift for the hard to shop for person on your list. 

In addition to the packaging, we have taken great Care and Consideration in selecting the Best Coffee to compliment the Flavor profiles found in the Bourbon Oak Barrels we use. We found the PERFECT match in using a Certified Fair Trade Organic Brazilian Coffee.

This Brazilian Coffee is a "Bourbon Variety" that comes from a combination of the fruit of red and yellow Bourbon Coffee trees. It has a remarkably rich aroma with good acidity and full body. The Coffee displays Floral and Citrus in Dry Aroma as well as Caramel Flavor. Fine acidity and round body complete the attributes that make this coffee great.  

These Flavor profiles match Perfectly with what we find in the profile of the Crouch Distilling's Bourbon Barrels that was used for this batch of Bourbon Barrel Aged Coffee. Subtle Oak notes with Spiciness that gives way to a sweet finish of Bourbon and Pleasant Aroma of Caramel. 

Per Jordan Lawrence at The Free Times, "Together The bourbon flavor is powerful, but it doesn’t overpower the coffee’s natural qualities, sharpening its sweetness and — thanks to some welcome rye overtones — imbuing the brew with a rich earthiness.