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The Greek Frappé

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It’s that time of year again in the South—long summer days packed with humidity and rising temperatures! Most of the time, we do our best to stay out of the heat and keep cool in doors! But there’s another option this month, and it’s our wonderfully delicious Greek Frappé!

Now, I know what you’re wondering: What the heck is a Greek Frappé and how is it different than your usual Frappés?

Oh, boy! There is quite a difference—and a delicious one at that—and it truly does originate from Greece!

The original Greek Frappé (Frappé is actually French and means chilled with ice) was created by Nescafe representative Dimitris Vakondios in 1957 in Thessaloniki. Vakondios created the frappé when he blended the Nescafe (spray-dried coffee) with sugar and water and created a frothy, light concoction. The drink became widely popular all throughout Greece and Cyprus, and to this day is sold throughout all Greek Cafes (Picture below is from Beach and Jessica's 2009 trip to Athens, drink on the left is a Freddo Cappuccino).

In most coffee shops today—ours including—frappes are usually made by blending espresso, milk, and a flavor/sweetener of your choice with ice; such as our Mocha, White Mocha and Java Chip Frappés. These drinks tend to be more sweet and heavy on the palette, but no less delicious and addicting.

Our take on the Greek Frappé will be similar to the traditional drink by Vakondios, but made with our rich espresso, simple syrup (which is made in house by mixing water and sugar), and a few ice cubes. Once blended more ice is added and the results are a light and frothy drink that will quench your thirst in this rising heat!

Next time you stop by the kiosk pick up this addicting Greek take on the popular frappe!



Charady Cook

July 1, 2018

Once I tried the Medusa, I knew I’d be stopping in Loveland Coffee after every visit to my doctor’s office.
After reading this article, I know which drink I’m trying today…
Move over McWhoever! This GREEK FRAPPE’ has my name all over it! ;)

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