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Drink of the month: Russian Tea

Posted by Beach Loveland on

While the temperature keeps dropping, you can warm up with our January special: the Russian Tea! A combination of spiced Chai tea and orange give this tea a rich flavor and the right amount of spice. If you’re not a coffee drinker (and we’re not judging) this is a wonderful drink to have instead! Tea can help you to stay hydrated and contains less caffeine than a coffee of the same size, so you’ll still feel alert and refreshed after drinking.


Cider isn’t the only fruit drink to be enjoyed in the winter! It’s a Russian habit to add fruit or sometimes even jam to tea! We decided against jam in our tea, but you can read about the origins of Russian tea here. A warm, fruity cup of tea can be a lovely treat on a cold day, in addition to boosting antioxidants and your vitamin C levels. Our Russian Tea includes orange juice, a mellow base for the  spices found in Chai. Neither flavor overwhelms the other; instead, they work together in a delightful mix of sweetness and tartness.

If you have a case of the post-holiday blues, stop by the kiosk and try this new tea! It will warm you right up and put you in a better mood. This drink will not be available in February, so be sure to order it this month!

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