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Scandinavian Coffee Lemonade

Posted by Beach Loveland on

We’ve done it again--well, our Drink Master Chris--has done it again!

This month we’re introducing a very unusual, but highly popular coffee drink known as--Kaffelemonad--or Coffee Lemonade!

I know what you’re thinking--what the heck? Lemonade mixed with coffee? That can’t possibly taste good! It’s going to be too bitter, or just...wrong!

I thought the exact thing when Chris first introduced the drink, but I was wrong...very, very wrong.

It was wonderful...just wonderful. Refreshing, sweet, and a good ole punch in the kisser with the caffeine! I’ll tell you, I usually drink my fair share of coffee--for obvious reasons--but not after this wonder drink! I think one could could get me through the day. And that’s saying something for me!

Now, the process of making this fantastical Coffee Lemonade is pretty intriguing. I watched Chris as he pulled out a lemon and a hand held lemon squeezer. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t look at Chris a little funny, but he told me to be patient. And so I was.

Chris concocted the Keffelemonad with three ounces of cold brew (which if you didn’t know ours is amazing), the freshly squeezed lemon juice, a little simple syrup for that classic lemonade taste, and tonic water for a refreshing fizz.

I was not expecting this masterpiece, but I am thoroughly and happily surprised. Like I said before, this drink was not what I was expecting, but it’s now something I’ll expect every summer.

August can be a brutal month with the heat and humidity, so we’ll need something to cool us off. Coffee Lemonade is where it’s at, and you can believe I’ll be getting this more often than I should.

Stop by the kiosk today and be prepared to be amazed!


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