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Meet the Staff: Mrs. Loveland Coffee

Posted by Beach Loveland on

While she doesn’t roast beans or prepare lattes, Jessica is an integral part of the Loveland team. Behind the scenes, she’s been encouraging and supporting Beach in all of his business ventures. Helping others to improve the quality of their lives and encouraging people are two things Jessica’s very passionate about. This year she’s taken on the role of an office manager, where she’s able to use those skills in all types of situations!

“We want to bring joy and warmth, which excellent coffee often does, on a deep level, that only caring staff can provide.”

    --Jessica Loveland

We’re a coffee kiosk, but more than that the Lovelands want to promote community. Folks coming to the drive through are able to have a delicious drink in addition to a conversation with our staff. Coffee brings people together, where they’re able to serve and love one another. Personally, coffee is a treat for Jessica. She’s limited her foods in many ways, but coffee is a comfort that she can still enjoy. Sharing that joy with others is a big part of why she does what she does.

Prioritizing is important for everyone, especially when you’re finding the balance of work and family life. Knowing where things fall in her list keeps everything in perspective. “Jesus, Beach, kids, THEN business. There are always coffee duties and possibilities to explore but many of these things may need to wait, as it is not always the best timing for them.” Jessica says working with her husband is a lot of fun and they each help to balance the other out. They both have different skills and approaches that they use to work towards the same goal.

In the next several years, the Loveland team hopes to continue growing and strengthening this amazing community. A store front location is the next big goal for them! Loveland Coffee has grown slowly but surely and Jessica says this has been done “intentionally and with sacrifice.” Quality and family bonds matter much, much more than speed.

Holistic living and fitness are also interests she holds and lately she’s been practicing Holy Yoga. In between organizational and administration work for Loveland Coffee, Jessica can be found spending time with her three adorable kids.

Out of all her hobbies, traveling is by far her favorite! That’s had to be put slightly on hold at this stage in life, but as her children grow, she looks forward to traveling all together as a family (and trying out different coffees along the way). Finally, for newcomers to the Loveland world, Jessica would recommend letting the birsta on duty know, as they can find a drink to best fit your pallet.  Meanwhile she will be sipping on the Adjustment latte, Bulletproof coffee, Cold Brew or just our well crafted black coffees!

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