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Meet the Staff: Beach Loveland

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The man, the myth, the legend...the founder of Loveland Coffee, Beach Loveland himself!

From a very young age, Beach was learning to appreciate coffee. His mom, a diehard coffee drinker, would share a few sips with him from the time he was five years old. It was always a special treat and marked the beginning of a long relationship with coffee.

 For over 10 years, Beach was working in the service industry. While waiting tables he discovered that he had a knack for working with people. But he didn’t want to wait tables permanently. He was passionate about photography and design, appreciated artisan craftsmanship, and he wanted to interact with people. In the process of searching for a job that would fulfill these things, he thought of coffee shops! Coffee was a beverage that united all sorts of people and a coffee shop was the ideal melting pot of all the things Beach cared about. In 2009 when the coffee house he was working for shut down, Beach purchased a lot of their equipment and stored it away waiting for the right time to start his own coffee business.

It didn’t happen right away, but after three long years of working 8-5 at a desk job things began to fall into place. He found and purchased a Kiosk for sale at a used car dealership in 2011 and by the end of 2012 he was self employed.  Beach began by working long hours to get this business off the ground. He was doing what he loved and providing for a family, two time-intensive roles. When he first started the business he and his wife had two daughters, Zoe and Shiloh. Two years later Ezra joined the mix! Loveland Coffee took sacrifices and commitment, but he kept at it and it’s now a local favorite!

Quality and community are at the heart of Loveland Coffee.  Sourcing Fairly Traded Organic coffee beans, carefully roasting them, and finally serving excellent drinks - all of these things are a priority for Beach. But why are all of those things important? Because he wants the best for his customers.  His business has always been people-centric. In fact, it was a kickstarter campaign that got his drive-through kiosk started! According to Beach, “Getting to chat with people on a daily basis, you build a relationship with them.  You’re not just crafting coffee, you’re crafting an experiences and  relationships.” Coffee unites people, and it gives Beach and his team a chance to serve people as well as giving them a moment of encouragement/a positive, personal interaction when they stop by.  You’ll receive great coffee, for sure, but you’ll also be able to talk with warm, welcoming staff. Whether you only drink black coffees or like to try a different latte every time, Beach and all of the baristas want you to enjoy your drink. If you’re a repeat customer and they have a good feel for your taste, the baristas can often find a new drink that can change your perspective on coffee and how it can be enjoyed.

 Working in the Coffee Industry, as a SCA Certified Roast Master, is both a passion and a privilege for Beach. When he’s not tied up with coffee matters, you can find Beach spending time with his family, hanging out with friends, or tinkering with his 1966 GMC Panel truck (“The Gray Ghost”).  He’s still interested in photography and design and when he can he enjoys traveling with his wife, Jessica.

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