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Posted by Beach Loveland on

Elisheva Hinkle has been writing for the Loveland Coffee blog since June 2017. Last February she was looking for a job and being a Loveland Coffee customer, asked Beach whether he’d thought about having a blog on the company website. He responded enthusiastically; building a blog had been an idea in the back of his mind for a while.

In June, Elisheva and Jessica (Loveland) began collaborating. They worked together to craft the sound and style of the new Loveland blog and ended up with 8 drink of the month posts, 6 barista highlight posts, and one in celebration of Loveland Coffee’s 5 year anniversary.

"I was able to grow tremendously as a writer working with Loveland Coffee. Learning to describe food was an interesting process which involved a lot of taste-testing! I also worked on my editing skills. Capturing the voice of someone else’s business was challenging at first, but getting to the point where I felt natural in the writing was amazing. Now, I’m changing a few things in my career and won’t be writing for the Loveland blog any longer. Working with Jessica and Beach and getting to know all of the staff at Loveland has been a pleasure!"

 Loveland Coffe is so thrilled to see where the Lord is going to take this amazing young lady!  If you’d like to keep up with Elisheva, her marketing and music, go to her website to see some of the exciting things she is up too.


Meagan (one of our wonderful baristas) began taking over the blog writing this March! She, is also, currently working on her own novel (stay tuned for that) and will be able to practice her art on the Loveland Coffee blog now. Get ready for some exciting new posts and you can also give her ideas when you stop by the kiosk!

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