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Barista Spotlight: Chris

Posted by Beach Loveland on

Chris Rawlings has been working as a barista at Loveland Coffee since November of 2015. He and Beach met when Chris began buying coffee from Loveland. Chris also catered for the wedding of Beach’s sister-in-law years ago! After becoming friends and learning of Beach’s purpose in the coffee industry, Chris began working with him.

 Coffee is something that brings people together and that’s what makes it special to Chris. “Whether you're sitting in a chic cafe in Austria, sipping an espresso at the feet of the Alps, backpacking 15 miles deep in the middle of the woods of North Carolina or sitting in your car in Irmo, we can all come together over a great cup of coffee.” He has an appreciation for careful roasting and the simple elegance of a cup of black coffee. Starting out with amazing green beans and then roasting them well is something he loves about Loveland coffee. Before working as a barista, Chris was in the catering business and he possesses a lot of knowledge about food science. He uses this to come up with new specialty drinks for the Loveland customers- you can see our drink of the month posts, many of which he has created. It takes patience, creativity, and the willingness to experiment. Chris is great at these things!



 Backpacking and spending time in nature are two things that Chris enjoys. He and his wife Jen are both adventurers. They love exploring new places together and with friends. In fact, they’ve just returned home from Scotland! They both have a passion for ministry and would love to serve missionaries through hospitality. You can be sure that coffee will be involved too!

 Why work at Loveland Coffee? The people, Chris says. His co-workers and customers are people that he loves getting to interact with. Working as a barista gives you the chance to be creative as well as connecting with many unique and kind people. The community at Loveland is amazing and they’re all centered around carefully chosen, roasted, and prepared coffee.



 We’re so glad Chris is part of the Loveland Coffee team! He collaborates with Beach, tests out new drinks, and is always happy to recommend a drink to newcomers (the John Jaun is “understated and elegant” in his words- great for a first coffee). Stop by to ask him about the latest specialty drink or his latest nature expedition on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons!   

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