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Meet Our Newest Barista: Haylie

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Haylie is the newest barista to join the Loveland lineup. She moved to Columbia in October of 2016 from Colorado and began working at Loveland Coffee in April. Although business is sometimes slower in the afternoon, we had several customers come through the kiosk during our interview. I enjoyed getting to see Haylie in action- I could tell that she cares about coffee and people.

What drew you to Loveland Coffee?

I really liked the culture. Living in Colorado Springs, there were a ton of coffee shops. Like, coffee shops on every corner. I want to say that there were 30 coffee shops in the city. Colorado Springs is a city of 470,000 people and Columbia is a city of about 130,000. It’s a lot bigger but the coffee culture is also different. It’s very inclusive. So if a new coffee shop opens up everyone wants to go there. It’s not competitive. But I loved that and once I moved here, I realized that there were not very many coffee shops so I started coming by here. I was working as a waitress, but I realized that I wanted to go back to being a barista. So I came here and asked if Beach was hiring. It took a few months, but I did get to work here.

What brought you to coffee?

I was seventeen and looking for a job. So originally it was just a job and it turned into a passion from there. I can’t say that I was drawn to coffee in the first place; I wasn’t like “Oh, I want to work in coffee,” it was more of “I have to start somewhere.” I really enjoyed it and while I was working at Starbucks it wasn’t about coffee, it’s very much about numbers and getting people in and out and I didn’t appreciate that. That’s part of why I stepped away from working as a barista and then worked as a waitress and didn’t enjoy that so I came back to coffee.

What’s your favorite thing about Loveland Coffee?

The people. My coworkers and the customers. I’m really big on community and I just think it’s a good community and it’s really uplifting. I’m not constantly on my toes or worried that someone is going to yell at me for doing something wrong. People are really understanding which is really nice.

What is your favorite drink and which drink are you most likely to recommend to someone?

I probably recommend the Con Miel most. I’m trying to decide if that’s my favorite...I really like the Ole Espanol, partially because it was the first drink that I had when I came through here and the first time I found Loveland. I was so homesick (it was within my first month of moving here) and I hadn’t even considered the possibility that there weren’t coffee shops here.

Where do you see yourself in five years or where would you like to be?

Married, since that’s happening in a few months! But I think within five years I would really like to be a mom. That’s kind of been my goal for my whole life. I just love kids.

People would ask me when I was your age or younger, “Where are you going to school?” and I never wanted to go to school and they were like “oh you’ll change your mind.” I just don’t have a career that I want. I’ve never been a career person and I wanted to be a mom. I don’t want to do it too early but I hope in five years that I will have a kid or two.

What do you enjoy doing?

I really love words, so hand-lettering and reading are two things I really enjoy. I’m actually hand-lettering all of my wedding invitations! And I love kids and babies. I have two younger siblings who are nine and twelve.

Who are your top three authors right now?

Lysa TerKeurst, Annie Downs, and Bob Goff.

 I had so much fun getting to meet and talk with Haylie! Definitely, try and stop by and see her some time (she works in the kiosk Monday mornings, Wednesday afternoons, and Saturday mornings).

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