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Barista Spotlight: Meagan

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Meagan started working at Loveland Coffee in 2016. Before working as a barista here, she’d been through the kiosk a few times and really enjoyed the coffee and community. She had another job that she wasn’t thrilled with, so one day she asked Travis if Beach had any openings. She sent him her resume and told him how much she loved the company and wanted to become a part of what they were doing! Next thing you know, she was working in the kiosk and getting to know all the amazing Loveland customers.

Coffee has been a part of Meagan’s life since childhood. Her dad was a big coffee drinker. As a kid, her dad would share his thermos of coffee with her while they watched her big brother play football. Throughout high school and college she came to love and appreciate the taste of coffee. At 19, she got her first job as a barista at Starbucks (but we don’t hold that against her).

Using her creative mind is what gives Meagan joy! She likes painting, writing and reading excellent fiction. Her home has two bookshelves that are overflowing with good stories! She prefers a good series over an individual book. Megan’s top 5: the Harry Potter Series, Throne of Glass Series, The Mortal Instruments, The Infernal Devices and The Dresden Files (though there are many more she has read and loved). Right now, she’s even in the midst of writing her own novel.  In the next several years, she plans to see this story finished and published, so be on the watch readers! She and her husband would also like to move out of their apartment and start a family in the near future.

The community of Loveland Coffee- roasters, baristas, and coffee drinkers alike- are united not only by coffee but by the fact that they want to help and encourage one another. This is super important to Meagan! “I really love the community and the relationships we're building. You see the same faces every day and you eventually get to know them, and their families and lives. It's pretty amazing. I love how I've made so many new friendships, and that we can enjoy each other's company even if it's just for a few minutes when they're on their way to work.”

Picking a favorite drink is no easy thing. Meagan likes to mix it up and have something different each day but if she had to choose one, the Medusa would have to be her favorite! (The Medusa is another one of our off-the-menu options made with rich espresso, sweetened with our simple syrup, and topped with half and half.) You’ll find Meagan at the kiosk Tuesday-Friday in the mornings and all day Saturday. Ask for her favorite drink of late and a book recommendation!

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