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May Drink of the Month - Horchata Dolce

Posted by Beach Loveland on

The month of May is finally here, and we’re almost half way through 2018! Here in South Carolina that means the temperature and humidity are beginning to rise, and soon we’ll be searching for that perfect drink to keep us cool.

This month we’re introducing something festive for Cinco De Mayo, and a little different—even for us!—and that is our Horchata Dolce!

Horchata is a traditional rice drink that is popular throughout Mexico, Latin America, and even Europe. It originated in Valencia, Spain where it was typically made with barley. Other variations of this unique drink include: nutmeg, cocoa powder, cashews or almonds, allspice, cloves, sesame seeds, evaporated or condensed milk, and sometimes rum.

The recipe our wonderful drink master, Chris Rawlings, has created is very simple and dairy-free. A mixture of ice, water, cinnamon, vanilla, and sugar for a fiesta in your cup!

To create our Horchata, the rice must soak in water overnight until it softens; we then combine the rest of the ingredients and blend until smooth. Afterwards, the Horchata is strained to remove any leftover grains, and then we mix it with Almond Milk for a smooth rich texture. . . ta-da—it’s done!

What’s left is a rich and smooth drink that’s sweet and satisfying! The Horchata will be topped with espresso—obviously—and served iced to help us cool off in these increasing temperatures!

If you want to try something different to satisfy your sweet-tooth, stop by the kiosk and try our wonderful Horchata Dolce today!

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