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March Drink of the Month - Dublin

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Now that spring is finally around the corner—and it couldn’t have come sooner for some—what is the first thing you think about? The warmer weather, blooming flowers, or all things St. Patrick’s Day? 

This month Loveland Coffee is offering the Dublin, an iced BBA (Bourbon Barrel) espresso with Irish cream inspired by this lucky holiday! 

Now, before anyone starts asking for Happy Hour, our drink isn’t a true Irish cream. Traditional Irish cream is a cream liqueur usually based on Irish whiskey, cream and coffee that is either served with hot coffee or mixed drinks. 

Our BBA Irish cream has been crafted by using lightly minted simple syrup as our base, coupled with six shots of BBA espresso to create a wonderfully sweet-buttery taste with smooth bourbon undertones topped with cream. 

The overall taste is something you’ve never experienced before and distinctly Loveland.

If you’re feeling lucky this month, and want to share with your friends and family, stop by Loveland and experience the luck of the Irish with this month’s iced BBA espresso Irish cream! 

Amanda Kelly

March 23, 2018

This looks delish!

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