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July Drink- The Cherry Bomb

Posted by Beach Loveland on

It’s that time of year again in the South, where it’s officially summer and the temperatures are steadily rising.  July, as most of us know, is usually the hottest month of the year but also one of the most celebrated with the Fourth of July! This year, to honor the celebration of America’s freedom we introduce our newest monthly drink: the Cherry Bomb!

In the past few blogs we’ve introduce our monthly drinks and a history of the inspiration; but this month our drink is an original creation with a familiar taste!

 The Cherry Bomb is a perfect mixture of espresso and seltzer water, with a sweet finish. Our drink master, Chris, has created the Cherry Bomb with a mixture of white chocolate syrup (not to be confused with white mocha syrup), a little raspberry syrup, raspberry seltzer water, and two shots of espresso on top! This unusual combination of flavors combine to create a similar taste to Cheerwine, a beloved and popular cherry soda from the South. 


Our Cherry Bomb drink is one of a kind, and wonderfully refreshing! So, if you’re looking for something to cool you off this summer come by the kiosk and ask for the Cherry Bomb today!


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