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February's Drinks of the Month - Double the Love

Posted by Beach Loveland on

After freezing temperatures and snow warnings, we’re ready to leave January behind. With the weather here in South Carolina remaining predictably unpredictable, one constant is good coffee! Regardless of weather, February's beginning means it’s time to reveal our two specialty drinks available this month.

 First up, the Raspberry Mocha. This can be made with black or white chocolate, depending on how rich you like the flavor to be. A classic drink, black raspberry and chocolate come together to create the perfect balance of sweetness. To celebrate Valentine’s Day, treat your sweetheart with this sweet treat! Or if you know someone special who would appreciate some love in their day, surprise them with this delicious mocha.

Our next drink is the Fog Lifter, an espresso drink that was inspired by tea.

In the UK they make a "London Fog" using Earl Grey tea. I wanted the taste of the Earl Grey with it's lavender and bergamot undertones but wanted something with much more of a "punch".

  • Chris Rawlings

The result is a distinctively Loveland taste. Chris’s lavender-bergamot infusion combined with Beach’s espresso creates a latte like no other! Notes of lavender complement the full-bodied coffee. The Fog Lifter is a drink to awaken the senses on a chilly morning.

It’s important that we make time to appreciate and savor life. During these long, cold days that can be something as simple as enjoying a latte. February is a month to give love to others. Make this a month where you share joy with a warm cup of coffee.

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