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Drink of the Month: Hot Buttered Rum Latte!

Posted by Beach Loveland on

November is a month rich with memories. While we prepare for Thanksgiving and Christmas celebrations it’s important to take time to reflect on the moments that matter, in the past and in the present. Why not take a moment to rest, reflect, and enjoy a cup of our newest latte?

The hot buttered rum latte is warm and frothy with just the right amount of spice. Creating a new drink takes experimentation and trial and error. Chris says that “a new coffee drink requires an idea, quite a bit of research, and just a little luck.” This latte is especially lucky! Rum is a unique flavor and a challenge to imitate. The base for this drink is a delicious creamy caramel and though we can’t use real rum in our lattes, this is a coffee you’ve never tasted before. With all the beautiful complexities in a hot buttered rum, this drink speaks to the senses.

“I have one very fuzzy memory, from early childhood, of my mom and dad hosting a little gathering where they were serving up hot buttered rum. I was way too young to have a full cup but I do remember my mom letting me taste a sip of hers. It was utterly delightful. It was a memory like this that I hope to create in a latte.” With this drink, Chris wanted to capture the quintessential joy and togetherness that comes in this time.

Everybody’s being pulled in a hundred different directions during this season. Give yourself the chance to pause. Enjoy an expertly roasted and prepared cup of coffee and think about the memories you’re building now. Breathe in the winter air, give thanks and find peace wherever you are in life.

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