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Drink of the Month (Frappé) August 2017

Posted by Beach Loveland on

No question that August is HOT!!! It’s the perfect time of year to “Treat Yo Self” to a Frappé! It’s a deliciously sweet way to cool down as we close out the summer. The frappés deliver sweet, frothy caffeine and they are made with real food ingredients that we feel good about giving to our customers.

 You can order a regular Frappé in mocha (pictured below), white chocolate, java chip, or coffee flavored with a touch of honey- that’s an option with lower sugar. Or make any of your favorite specialty drinks into a Frappé. Originally, we developed an ice cream base that tasted great but had a whole lot of sugar and we couldn’t use different milk options since it was premixed. When Chris started working at the kiosk with Beach in the fall of 2015, we began exploring how to make this a healthier choice for our customers. We wanted to create something that tasted just as delicious without the huge amount of sugar. Using Chris’ knowledge of food science, he started working on a new and healthier version. It took twelve tries, but eventually he came up with the combination we use today. With coconut milk powder as the base, it tastes fantastic and means we can use one-sixteenth of the sugar in this mix. In addition, we are now also able to use any milk option in the frappé, which many of our customers really appreciate.     Another great choice for those rushed times is “The Perfect Frappé.”  It’s a blend of Maximized Living's chocolate whey protein powder, banana, almond milk, cold brew, and a touch of cinnamon. It doesn’t taste as sweet as the regular frappé and is much more filling. This drink has 20 plus grams of protein! If you’re having a busy morning, this drink can be a convenient, filling, and delicious breakfast. It’s low in sugar and is made with high quality ingredients.

Stop by the kiosk and ask about the drink of the month! Pick the flavor that fits your mood- white chocolate? the Perfect Frappé? Whichever you choose, you can know that your drink is made with quality ingredients by people who care about what you’re getting.

Amid the back-to-school, end-of-summer rush, treat yourself to a chilly, frothy frappé. Still not sure which Frappe is for you?  Feel free to ask one of our staff and they will be happy to help you make a great choice or give a personal recommendation.  

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