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Chocolate Egg Cream

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Chocolate Egg Cream 

Finally—despite the confused temperatures—spring is here, and were celebrating the Loveland way with our new monthly drink—The Chocolate Egg Cream!

Now, we know the name sounds a bit daunting—eggs usually don’t sound appealing without bacon—but we assure you egg isn’t one of our ingredients. 

In fact, the original egg cream didn’t even have espresso or cream to add to its deliciousness. The drink was nothing more than a mixture of seltzer water, chocolate syrup, and whole milk—similar to a Yoo-hoo!

Believed to be created in New York during the early 1900’s by a Jewish candy shop owner, Louis Auster, the egg cream was one of the most popular drinks of its time; with a supposed 3,000 egg creams sold within the shop’s lifespan! 

Keeping the original recipe in mind, we’ve tweaked this addictive drink the Loveland way! 

Using chocolate syrup as our base, our egg cream is mixed with measured amounts of club soda, whole milk, and two shots of expresso. What is created is a wonderful mixture of fizzy lightness coupled with the sweetness of chocolate, and the smoothness of our espresso. 

Speaking of espresso—which can die or become flat quickly—this drink should be drank within a timely manner for maximized goodness!

This April come and join us as we introduce you to this refreshing, rich Chocolate Egg Cream that will certainly satisfy your candy craving for this sweet month! 

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