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Banana Bread Latte

Posted by Beach Loveland on

It’s finally fall! While it’s not cooling down in Columbia too much just yet, we’re getting closer to blustery days, fall leaves and warm fires. We’re all just waiting to break out the boots and scarves, I know it!

One of the best things about autumn is having hot drinks, especially lattes. Enjoy the tastes of espresso, banana, and walnut which are perfectly wrapped up in a warm cup of steamed milk (or another one of our non-dairy options) for the perfect Banana Bread Latte.

Chris (who created this drink) feels the banana bread signals the start of the season. “The genesis for this drink was a fond memory of my grandma always having a fresh loaf of banana bread around during the fall.” Certain foods will always be attached to a memory and it richens the experience of drinking.There are no dairy or nut components in the base for this drink, yet he managed to preserve the butteriness and a hint of walnut. If you’re looking for something warm with just the right amount of sweetness, the banana bread latte is a great choice!

As the leaves begin to fall and autumn arrives, trade in your iced coffees for something that will warm your heart (or at least your stomach)!  This is such a beautiful season- what better way to celebrate than with a delicious, banana-flavored treat?


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