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5 Years of Love

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On Tuesday, December 12th, 201, we celebrated the fifth year anniversary of Loveland Coffee.  We threw a party, smoked some delicious BBQ and drank “The 1825 Concentrate Brew.” (An Amber Ale named for the number of days we’ve been open that incorporated our coffee concentrate used in a home brew beer from an incredible customer.) We invited everyone to the roastery to share conversation, good food and coffee.
Barbeque was from Old Timey Meat Market and cooked by Low Country Smoke Co. all day for full, fantastic flavor.
Sides were from Primal Gourmet (one of our favorite local restaurants). Cookies created by Blue Flour bakery, as beautiful as they are tasty!
If you came out to celebrate with us, thank you for being there! It’s wonderful getting to spend time with our customers and their families. We look forward to getting to know and serve you even  better in the future while we remember how God has brought us to where we are today.
How Loveland Coffee Came To Be
At 25, after some soul searching with his wife, Beach realized that what he really wanted was to own a coffee house. In college he began working as a barista and then worked his way up to assistant manager. He briefly took over as manager in a final attempt to keep The Wired Bean open, however, it ended up closing in the summer of 2009. Beach decided to purchase many of their supplies after they went out of business. After graduating from CIU, he took on a desk job in the Insurance Industry. In his free hours he worked his side hustle selling locally roasted coffee to his coworkers and delivering directly to customers in Irmo and Columbia.
As their family began to grow, Beach was wondering if he would ever be able to open his own cafe. One day in June of 2011, while heading to a doctor’s appointment, he happened to pass by a little kiosk with a for sale sign on it. Knowing that this would be a step in the direction they wanted- high quality coffee along with convenience- Beach and Jessica purchased the kiosk. Unfortunately, it took another year to address some needed repairs and that’s when they decided to set up a Kickstarter Crowdfunding Campaign (short video can still be viewed).
In just 40 days, 93 backers helped raised over $9,000 to support a local coffee drive through in Irmo! Now people had easy access to artisan crafted, specialty coffee beverages right from their car! Dropping the kids off at school or coming home from work, it was easy to stop by Loveland Coffee and pick up a latte. As time went on, more and more familiar faces began stopping by the kiosk.
The goal of Loveland Coffee has always been to serve and connect with people. At the end of the summer of August 2016, they opened the roastery to the public. Utilizing that space, they’ve held open hours, chocolate pairings, roasting tours, and have more planned for the future! It’s a way for coffee and community to be brought together in a whole new way. Loveland Coffee is also available online and there are several wholesale partners to spread even more of the love around Columbia and beyond!
Thank you so much for supporting Loveland Coffee and being a part of the Loveland community! It means so much to us and we’re excited about our plans for the future and where God is going to take us in the next 5 years!

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